Geronimo Springs Museum Gift Shop

Geronimo Springs Museum book store

Our Museum Gift Shop serves many purposes. Several of Keith Humphries’ paintings can be viewed above the sales area. With these impressive works of art, and the numerous research papers accompanying them, a portrayal of an earlier time is made exciting and real.

Available gift items include locally created crafts and shirts, various styles of pottery, regional topographical maps, and a large variety of post cards and stationery. Jewelry, sand paintings, and Kachinas are made by area Native Americans. A book store that frequently receives rave reviews completes this area.


A staff member or volunteer is always available to answer questions, or to provide directions to restaurants, lodging, lakes, scenic drives, other museums, tire repair, jet ski rental, and much, much more.

Visitors are always made welcome, informed of local activities, directed to items of interest, and encouraged to stay a bit longer and enjoy our wonderful community.