Apache Land from Those Who Lived It


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Apache Land From Those Who Lived It is a unique blend of oral history, art and historic photographs that should grace the book shelf of anyone interested in the old west. Keith Humphries was born in 1907 and lived his life in west Texas and southern New Mexico. Fascinated by the stories he heard from cowboys, Texas Rangers, cavalrymen, and Mexicans who had experienced the old west first hand, Keith decided at an early age that their stories must live on. During his college years he actively sought out the men and women who could give him first-hand accounts, share their photographs and take him to the location of historic events. His interviews included George Coe who fought with Billy the Kid, Sadie Orchard the Hillsboro Madame, Billy Bates who was a packer for the Ninth Cavalry, Natividad Padilla whose father worked the lost Spanish mine in the Caballo Mountains and many others. The stories range in time from the late Spanish Period until the beginning of the 20th century and cover west Texas, southern New Mexico and northern Mexico. After retirement Humphries took painting lessons and produced over 80 oil paintings depicting the events described by the old timers. The stories, paintings, and photographs and Keith’s passion for them are bound together in this unusual and delightful volume. The limited first edition has long been out of print and this volume has been produced as a fundraiser for our museum, where Keith’s original paintings can be viewed.

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