Museum & Sierra County Historical Society Events

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burieTales of Lost Gold and Other Treasures
Date: 5:30pm, September 23, 2017

Karl Laumbach presents “Tales of Lost Gold and Other Treasures” – the event is at the Albert Lyons Event Center and includes a brisket dinner.

world-class potter display at the Geronimo Springs Museum
Date: 5:30 PM, September 23, 2017

Laumbach shares the insights and stories that forty plus years exploring the archaeology and history of southern New Mexico have provided. Event is going to be held at the Albert Lions Event Center and includes a brisket dinner.


Geronimo Springs Museum from Las Palomas Plaza
Date: Quarterly

The Speaker Series has served one of the museum’s major goals: education.

historic map of southern New Mexico
Date: Annually in late winter

Dinner, a silent auction, a program by Gary Morton, and great company.