The Geronimo Springs Museum’s Wilson Room

The First National Bank of Hot Springs was originally chartered on June 15, 1917 by A. H. Hilton, with capital of $25,000 and surplus $5,000.

In 1918, controlling interest was sold to Robert Martin, and in 1927 to Frank Winston. This is now the Bank of the Southwest in Truth or Consequences.

The Bank display in the Wilson Room is only part of this fascinating exhibit.

A large collection of photographs, a beautiful quilt, and Hot Springs High School Graduation pictures speak to an earlier time in Sierra County.

The Wilson Room is named for a family with deep roots in Sierra County. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Wilson owned the Chrysler dealership for many years, and Mr. Wilson was an early Fire Chief. The family collected and donated to the museum a wealth of information regarding early Hot Springs / Truth or Consequences. Annette Smith, Wilson’s sister, was also quite a historian and friend of the museum.

Annette Smith, was interviewed in 2011 by Sherry Fletcher as part of the Sierra County Oral History Video Series made for the New Mexico Centennial.