Learn About Sierra County History at the Geronimo Springs Museum

Several exhibits in the museum are exciting because of the stories they tell. One such display is the large flag that was flown over the Elephant Butte Dam Dedication on October 19, 1916. What an amazing influence this huge construction project has had on this community! The 100 year celebration of the Dam’s completion was celebrated in 2016.

Elephant Butte is just one of the area villages that are featured in the museum’s County History section.

We have a great collection of photographs and press releases from days gone by, making this room a favorite with visitors, especially those whose family members grew up in the area and experienced the events that are described and depicted.

A large number of our historic military items are currently on loan to the Diane Hamilton Veterans Memorial Museum, which is also in Truth or Consequences.

Plan a visit to this fine facility and view the wonderful, informative exhibits.