The Heritage Room at Geronimo Springs Museum

The historical murals by well-known local artist Delmas Howe provide a wonderful portrayal of Apache chief Geronimo, the Spanish conquistador Juan de Oñate, “cowboy chronicler” Eugene Manlove Rhodes, and famed Mexican General Pancho Villa.

Bronze sculptures of the same well-known figures surround a small fountain in the room’s center. These bronzes were created by Hivana Leyendecker, a native New Mexican sculptor.

The portrayal of Preacher Lewis, Eugene Manlove Rhodes, and the Apache Kid are shown in a special display adjacent to the Howe murals.

Paul Sorensen of Alamogordo hand carved the museum’s beautiful collection of wooden figures, each of which was thoroughly researched and required approximately a month to complete. Included in this distinctive collection is a Navajo Rug Weaver, Chief Victorio, and a Mescalero Apache Mountain Spirit Dancer.

Two “Hall of Fame” displays honor the New Mexico Old Time Fiddlers and the New Mexico Trappers. The handsome Trappers cabinet was created by Wesley Burris of Socorro.

This area of the museum was previously the New Zealand Bar. A section of a mural original to the bar has been uncovered, providing a true picture of the Old West. Of the New Zealand’s bartenders, it was said that “he smiles a lot and listens well.”