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Cain, Ben (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Bonnie (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Cody (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Doug (See BuffaloSoldiers)

Cain, Jane (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Leonard (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Lola (See Doug Cain)

Cain, Steve (See Doug Cain)

Calhoun, John Clinton

Calhoun, Leona Marie Martin (See John Clinton Calhoun)


Candelaria, Tillie T

Cantrell, William Brackett

Caplin, Harvey

Carbajal, L A (Mrs)

Carter, Judity (See Sterling Carter)

Carter, Sterling

Caudle, David Shivers

Cecil, William S “Bill” (Se Gillespie, Richard Lee)

Chancellor, Bernard

Chancellor, Deenie (See Bernard Chancellor)

Chatfield, Harvey

Chaves, Erslinda (See Gregorio Chavez)

Chavez, Albert G (See Geregorio Chavez)

Chavez, Benino (See Gregorio Chavez)

Chavez Gregorio

Chavez, Issac (See Gregorio Chavez)

Chavez, Jacobo (See Gregorio Chavez)

Chavez, Sabina (See Gegorio Chavez)

Chesnut, George (Mr and Mrs)

Civil War, Fork (See Civil War Letter)

Civil War, Knife (See Civil War Letter)

Civil War Letter

Civil War, Reid Family (See Civil War Letter)

Clark, Robbie J

Cleveland, Agnes Morley

Cole, Louis Bailey “L B” (See Clyde Cole)

Cole, (Mrs ?) Clyde